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Sick Prints

10 Nov

I was at an art fair a couple of days ago and stopped by this artist’s booth. His name is Kaleo and he makes some really cool art! Here are some of my favorite pieces by him.




You can check out the rest of his work on his website:


Favorites of the week

1 Nov

I hate this song

21 Oct

First Listen to it. Then you’ll understand.

Ok. So now that you’ve listened to it you’ve probably figured out that it’s a pretty satirical song. This guy (Chance the Rapper) hates virtually everything.

So how come? I wanted to know why this song was written and the meaning behind it. Then, I found an article on which explained the whole thing. Basically Chance said, “I’m going to write about things I couldn’t possibly hate.” 

I thought it was pretty clever and it made me think of all the things I supposedly “hate” for no reason. I’m always saying it  and don’t even mean it 99% of the time.

Today for example. I was driving around with my little sister and as usual we were fighting about the music on the radio. She switched to a radio station and the first song that came on was a One Direction song. Instantly, I said no way! “I hate them!”

Yet, I actually don’t “hate” them. I mean they’re definitely not on the top of my list of most meaningful artists, but once in a while I do enjoy a little shower singing to “What Makes You Beautiful” (What can I say, it’s catchy).

Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about my shower singing playlist I’ve made a goal for myself (Hopefully you join in). Anytime I want to say the word “hate” I need to replace it with dislike. (Unless I really have a deep-rooted hatred for something)

If you want to read the rest of the article, here’s the link. It’s really interesting! Go read it!

Sherman Alexie – The Bombest Poet

18 Oct

I recently read Sherman Alexie’s short story, “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” and instantly fell in love! His poems and short stories are all about being an American Indian, living in a America but always feeling like an outsider.

I completely identify with his work as I was born in Paris and I’ve spent almost half my life their, and the other half in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I still never feel completely at home in either place.. am I more French or American?

Funny thing is when I go to France, I’m considered the American of the family! But, when I’m “home” in L.A., I want so much not to be American. Almost as if saying the word is an insult to my French culture. (I’m in no way saying being American is bad! Just that I have a conflicting relationship with the word itself.)

Anyway,enough about me. Go check out this interview of him on PBS and read his work! It’s the bomb!

RiP: A Remix Manifesto – A.K.A. The Bombest Movie

15 Oct

The only thing I knew about copyright before watching this movie was that all those times “someone” (cough cough) illegally downloaded every Daft Punk song ever created, that “someone” was infringing on about 100 different copy right laws.  Thanks to the movie though, I now understand that the entire world is now operated by six HUGE ASS corporations, and ideas will never be “free”.

But besides all the amazing things this movie showed me, I was SHOCKED as to what actually constitutes as copyright infringement.

So go watch this thing! It’s FREE (yes, you read that right) on Vimeo!

P.S. It forever tainted my view of Disney.

“I need new music” – A Lifelong Dilemma

14 Oct

Ever have those days where you hate every song on your itunes? Well, I have! Which is why every week I pick at least five songs from the net and blast them on my morning commute to school. So what’s playing in my car this week? Well…

The first time I heard this song I knew it would instantly be on replay in my car:

Next up Looking too closely by Fink:

When you hear the beginning of this song, you’ll understand why I love it:

I love the weeknd, but this remix makes the song 100x better!

I haven’t liked an Eminem track since he came out with Lose Yourself… So put it this way, I found this song yesterday and have listened to it a total of 15 times since… (ya, it’s that good)


Mini Coveteurs

22 Jan

How cute is this!!!?

Happy New Year!

4 Jan


Weekend Tunes : Haim

28 Dec


Who: Haim

Song: Forever (The Knocks Remix)

From: Los Angeles


– Don’t Save Me


Video Of The Day

24 Dec

Direcors: Santiago and Mauricio Sierra

Title: She’s Electric

Inspirations: 80s, Japanese anime, Atari video games, Disneyland’s Space Mountain


“What we do isn’t film, it’s images in motion. It’s the new photography.”

“People can recreate entire universes out of nothing, and that’s one of the things we love to play with.”