I hate this song

21 Oct

First Listen to it. Then you’ll understand.

Ok. So now that you’ve listened to it you’ve probably figured out that it’s a pretty satirical song. This guy (Chance the Rapper) hates virtually everything.

So how come? I wanted to know why this song was written and the meaning behind it. Then, I found an article on billboard.com which explained the whole thing. Basically Chance said, “I’m going to write about things I couldn’t possibly hate.” 

I thought it was pretty clever and it made me think of all the things I supposedly “hate” for no reason. I’m always saying it  and don’t even mean it 99% of the time.

Today for example. I was driving around with my little sister and as usual we were fighting about the music on the radio. She switched to a radio station and the first song that came on was a One Direction song. Instantly, I said no way! “I hate them!”

Yet, I actually don’t “hate” them. I mean they’re definitely not on the top of my list of most meaningful artists, but once in a while I do enjoy a little shower singing to “What Makes You Beautiful” (What can I say, it’s catchy).

Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about my shower singing playlist I’ve made a goal for myself (Hopefully you join in). Anytime I want to say the word “hate” I need to replace it with dislike. (Unless I really have a deep-rooted hatred for something)

If you want to read the rest of the billboard.com article, here’s the link. It’s really interesting! Go read it!



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